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Brand Focus: Seventeen Cheek Stamp, Contour Kit and More

As a hoarder of all things girlie I tend to amass a lot of products. I've never really taken the time to do a brand focus or review on my blog but and over the past few months I've been loving a few products from Seventeen, so I thought it was a high time to let you know all about them. 

I've picked up some of their products over the last while, mostly their new releases when they came out. Some of these products are long past their launch date but are still available from Seventeen and well work the mention.

First up is the Cheek Stamp Blush in Blushing. I'm not normally drawn to cool tone blushes, I usually pick up warm coral blushes instead but a cool tone pink can be lovely on pale skin tones so through I would give this a try. It's called 'Cheek Stamp' as you just have to stamp the product on to your cheek using the applicator. The blush is a powder that is in the lid on the other side of the mirror. When you close the product, the powder puff on the other side rest in the powder so it ready to apply whenever you open it.

The powder does need to be blended in once you've applied it directly on your cheek, otherwise you can be left with a stipe of colour which isn't a great look on anyone. The powder itself is quite soft and blends out really smoothly. The colour pigment is light but build-able and for a colour like this, I think its a good time as it's better to apply too little and build it up than apply too much and try to fix it.

Up next is the Define & Contour Kit in Light. I'm a sucker for anything that claims to give me a cheekbones and when this Kit was launched I may have rushed to my local Boots to pick on up. There are two colours in the palette; a pale cream shade for highlighting and a dark matte brown for contouring. First up, I think that highlight shade is too dark for highlighting on my pale skin, so I used this mostly for setting my under eye concealer and as a touch up powder in my handbag. The mirror comes in handy for this so it's a good handbag companion.

Next up is the contour colour, to me its more a bronzer than a colour shade. It's a warm almost tan brown but as it's matte so it does work. For sharp and chiselled contouring a cool tone, almost greyish brown is best but on an everyday basis a colour with a bot go warm is fine for me! It means I get to skip a step in the mornings.  Instead of applying a contour and then a bronzer, I just reach for this and i'm good to go. Similar to the blush, the powder is smooth and easy to blend. While it's not hugely pigmented, but build-able so you can get the desired effect you want.

Skin Wow! is a 3 way highlighter that can be used as a primer under your foundation to give your skin some radiance, mixed in with your foundation to give your foundation a dewy finish or applied after your foundation as a liquid highlight to your cheekbones and other areas of the face. I picked this up after one of the girls in work said it was really similar to Benefit Highbeam but for a faction of the price.

My skin in on the more oily side so I don't like to use this as a primer but I do like to mix it in with more full coverage foundations to give them a lighter finish on the skin for during the day, especially in the warmer months. I also love the effect it gives as a highlighter. I like to apply it with a damp Beauty Blender as it will ensure that it's blended into any other products give it a seamless finish. And you can even layer a powder highlight on top on nights out to get the most impact.

Last but not least is the Faslifeye HD! Mascara. I picked this up after reading reviews raving about it. I tend to prefer larger wands and stay away from the small plastic bristles but this one is great at building up length on your lashes. It really did make the most of my lashes, getting to even the small hair around the corner of my eye and as its so small it's perfect for the lower lashes.

It also holds a curl really well, and lasts throughout the day. I apply my make up at 8am in the morning so by the time I get home at about 7pm, my mascara (not to mention make up) looks a little worse for wear. I found that this mascara really held up throughout the day and even needed a good soak of eye make up remover before its all gone. What more could you want from a drug store mascara?

Well that a little run down of the Seventeen products I've been loving.  Is there anything else I should check out? Let me know in the comments below.

Seventeen Cheek Stamp in Blushing RRP €6.99
Seventeen Define & Contour Kit in Light RRP €8.49
Seventeen Skin Wow! Primer RRP €8.49
Seventeen Faslifeye HD! Mascara in Blackest Black RRP €9.49

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