Thursday, 2 April 2015

Review: Sanctuary 2-Day Moisture Shower Oil

Shower oil, seems like a weird product but trust me. You want to check this out! 
I use a body lotion everyday as my skin can be quite dry. So I tend to gravitate towards products that offer moisture boosts. Enter Sanctuary 2-Day Moisture Shower Oil. I think I heard about this from Amelia Liana or Essie Button and when I found myself in Boots a while ago, I picked it up.

It's meant to be a dupe for the L'occitane Almond Shower Oil, but as I've never tried that product I can't be certain. Sanctuary's offering is just lovely to use and really give a hydration boost to the skin. When I'm in the shower, I pour out some of the product into my hands and lather up on wet skin and rinse off. It leaves the skin feeling soft and silky smooth. I'm not 100% about the 2 days of moisture, as I said I tend to moisturise every day but I definitely think it super hydrating. It also smells really nice!! It makes the everyday shower into a something a little special. You could even add some of this into a bath for a relaxing soak. 

It is also great for shaving! I usually use a shaving foam but have really sensitive skin and have to be careful what products I use so I don't get a shaving rash. The oil acts as a good barrier to the skin while shaving but as it lathers up, its perfectly suitable to shaving. Just make sure to rinse your blade in between strokes to rinse out the excess product so the razor doesn't lose it's grip on the skin. 

I think the bottle works out at €10 and lasts a long time. I've had mine since the starry of January and only nearing the end of the bottle and I use it at least once a week. If you're in the marker for a new shower gel or a shaving foam I would really recommend it!

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  1. I must keep an eye out for this. I've dry skin but still on the hunt for a go to product in the shower bonus too that it's good for shaving 😉


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