Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sister Date January - Afternoon Tea in the Westin

My sister and I both have very busy and different schedules. She is a studying to be a nurse, working full time on the wards and her college projects in her spare time while I work 9am to 6pm in the evenings and am out socialising on the weekends. So coming into the new year we decided to set aside the 10th of each month for a Sister Date so we could regroup and catch up. 

And as we are both food lovers we are using our Sister Dates to try new restaurants and go for dinner. For our first Sister Date we actually took our parents to Afternoon Tea in The Westin Hotel in Dublin. It was something that we have been meaning to do for ages so we took them as part of their Christmas present. 

Before deciding on where we should go for Afternoon Tea, I did a lot of research on different places across Dublin.  I found out that there is an afternoon available to suit most peoples tastes and budgets. You can go and splash for Champagne Tea in The Shelbourne Hotel or go for a relaxed Tea in Gallaher & Co.

For our family we opted for Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea in The Westin. The Westin is on Westmoreland Street in the heart of the city centre. It is actually three older buildings that were remodelled to become the hotel. There is a lot of history in the hotel and a lot of the original aspects of the three buildings still remain. 

Afternoon takes place in The Atrium Lounge, a stunning conversatry for lack of a better world as the area is on the first floor, in where a court years once was. We requested a lovely couch to the side so we could soak up the atmosphere but still have some private time. 

The Afternoon Tea is €26 per person for a wide selection of treats both savoury and sweet and a teapot of full of Victorian Mojito. You get one of everything on the menu and quite a lot of it was outside my comfort zone but we decided as a family that we all would try everything. And I was surprised by how much of it I enjoyed. The only downside it that the majority of it was sweet and cakes but I do have a sweet tooth so I wasn't too put out. 

The staff themselves were lovely and very accommodating to our needs. Overall it was a lovely experience and we enjoyed some lovely food. If your looking for something a little bit off the wall but still a lovely experience I really would recommend here. 

My sister and I will be doing a Sister Date each month and I was thinking of a monthly post on each one so let me know if that would interest you! I've already taken the pictures of our February date!



  1. Love this, after seeing the photos you put up I was wondering if you were going to blog about it cuz I found the menu very interesting!
    I have not seen Sarah in years, she's so grown up! And now I'm becoming one of those people that say things like that.
    Anyway cut my ramblings short - I love this idea and certainly wouldn't say no to more :)

    1. AW I'll tell her you said so! Great I'll have another one up soon x

  2. Cocktails served in a teapot? Love it! Everything looks so tasty! :)

  3. Ooh this looks so yum! We had our wedding party in the Westin but only had canapés, which were yum! I've been saying since that I want to go try their afternoon tea, LOVED this post! xx


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